Professional Development Workshop, August 24, 2021 - 2021 International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship

24th of August, 2021     

16:00 – 20:00 EEST TIME ZONE

Digital technologies, big data, social media and computational thinking becoming persuasive part of our lifestyle and a substantial part of national economies.  The purpose of this Professional Development Workshop (PDW) “Digital pedagogy in entrepreneurship: implications for the practice”, organised by KEEN partnership is to begin to explore the implications of digital shift on the online pedagogy in entrepreneurship on and develop some practical understanding of the profile and practice of the current trend in teaching entrepreneurship. 

The implications, opportunities and challenges of digital pedagogy of entrepreneurship are wide but underexplored. This PDW offers the opportunity for new and established educators and researchers to explore the implications of online means, tools, and practices in teaching entrepreneurship for their pedagogical practice and for the wider community, to consider questions relating to:| Online teaching curricula design;

| Online teaching training;

| Online teaching and dealing with questions;

| Students’ presentations online;

| Online teaching methods and exercises;

| Role of theory in teaching entrepreneurship online;

| Ethics in teaching online.

The PDW is intended to serve as an introduction to the potential, challenges, opportunities and pitfalls that digital technologies in general and big data and computational thinking in particular present to the practice of MOS research. The PDW format allows for a diverse range of perspectives to be explored and debated. It is anticipated that the PDW will attract up to 35 delegates who will engage in an open debate with the panel in order to explore further the implications of big data and computational thinking on research practice.