2021 IEEE ICTE Digital Transformation Leader of the Year Award 2021 - 2021 International Conference on Technology and Entrepreneurship

The Organizers of the Conference 2021 IEEE ICTE “Leading Digital Transformation in Business and Society” are grateful to all who have enrolled in the Digital Transformation Leader of the Year Award. We congratulate the Winners #Mantinga, UAB and #Industrial Robotics, UAB. The Award seeks to highlight the significant achievements of the winning firms in the digital transformation of the business! The Award Committee also acknowledges the achievements of all nominees and wishes to carry on the successful journey of digital business transformation!

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)

Is a leading Lithuanian university providing a wide range of studies and closely cooperating with business. The University provides studies of engineering, technologies, physical and social sciences, humanities and arts. KTU researchers contribute to global scientific knowledge by conducting cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on the most important questions of the current time.

IEEE Technology & Engineering  Management  Society (IEEE TEMS)

The Engineering Management Society (EMS) was founded in 1951, becoming the Technology Management Council (TMC) in 2007.  In 2015 transitioned to the Technology and Engineering Management Society. The Field of Interest of TEMS encompasses the management sciences and practices required for defining, implementing, and managing engineering and technology.

Kaunas Chamber of Commerce Industry and Crafts (Kaunas CCIC)

Is a non – governmental and a non – profit seeking organization, one of the five chambers of commerce in Lithuania. Based on private law with its main goal in supporting the development of companies’ economic activity and representing, and defending the interests of business community. The community is comprised of various businesses, educational, scientific, and high technology institutions.

Digital Transformation Leader of the Year Award

KTU, IEEE TEMS and Kaunas CCIC instituted the prestigious award of “Digital Transformation Leader of the Year” for excellence in initiating and deploying digital transformation project in any private company or public institution during the years of 2020/2021.

The winner will be awarded with an exclusive souvenir and an IEEE TEMS certificate and will be announced at the Industry Forum event scheduled during the conference 2021 IEEE ICTE Leading digital transformation in business and society on 27th of August, 2021.


The Award seeks to highlight the incredible achievements of the individual, team or organization as a leader, that create a sense of inspiration through their role modelling to the wider community of engineers and managers in the industry. The objective of this award is to recognize leadership excellence with benefit to society in the field of digital transformation management and allied fields of technology management.

The aim of the award is to:

Encourage leaders to work towards the digital transformation of their organization as well as the science & technology community.

Recognise leaders as role models who demonstrate significant contributions.

Acknowledge the valuable contributions of the leaders through their hard work & passion put together work on cutting edge technologies.

Reward the valuable contributions of the leaders that help to drive a community ahead of them.

Promote sponsors and presenters as responsible corporate citizens.


| An individual, a team or an organization can apply for a nomination or can be nominated by others;

| The specific contributions of the nominees have to be supported by evidence.

Evaluation based on but not limited to:

  1. Be responsible for operationalizing the strategy for the company/clients’ agreed digital transformation.
  2. Translate business/customer requirements into digital transformation requirements.
  3. Establish scientific and technical goals of digital transformation working with technical experts, upper management and customers (internal or external).
  4. Direct, analyze and approve digital transformation design and changes.
  5. Develop trusted relationships with all engaged parts in digital transformation.
  6. Assign, direct and evaluate technical work & Monitor performance of individual contributors and help manage their professional development.
  7. Train and develop digital transformation competence, building teams with the right skills and competencies to meet current and future demands in order to deliver excellent results to customers
  8. Lead the development of an effective environment that facilitates collaborative teams aligned with organizational behaviors and values.
  9. Responsible for knowledge sharing and socializing best practices in high-performance digital transformation.
  10. Be recognized as an expert in digital transformation internally with colleagues and clients.

Important Deadlines:

Nomination Due: 17/08/2021                

Award Announcement: 27/08/2021